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BIG MAGIC the flagship national Hindi general entertainment channel from the Reliance Broadcast Network stable is positioned as the one stop destination for humor. The Channel offers a comical line up of hilarious sitcoms, a side splitting historical comedy, laugh out loud weekend specials, festive specials and comedy blockbuster films.

Raavi Aur Magic Mobile

Monday- Friday - 7:00 pm

This fantasy comedy is a tale of a quirky girl called Raavi who is born in a family in Punjab. Her mother takes a conscious decision of projecting her as a boy child in order to save the lives/livelihood of the villagers. The show is an interesting hit and miss around the revelation of her identity as well as enticing moments of her dual role in life. Raavi and her new companion, the Magic Mobile enjoy an adventurous journey packed with fun, comedy and action.


Monday- Friday - 7.30 pm

Story of a fun loving village girl called Mahi who falls in love and gets married to a city boy called Sagar only to discover later that he is the son of a heavyweight politician Anusuya Mehta. The show exhibits a stark contrast between a traditional and emotional Mahi who is always pitied against her modern/sophisticated/politically distinguished mother-in-law Anusuya. What follows are entertaining and laugh-out-loud situations between mother in law and daughter in law, with the son sandwiched in between!

Uff ! Yeh Nadnaiyaan

Monday- Friday - 8.00 pm

It is a dialogue-based situational comedy that revolves around the life of the Verma family promising to keep the viewers in splits. A righteous mother, self-proclaimed writer, a ditsy wife, clumsy younger brother and two conniving twins; each with their own unique perspective of life constantly land each other in amusing situations with plenty of misunderstandings, crazy pranks and comic characters filled with fun and masti.

Bal Gopal Kare Dhamaal

Monday- Friday – 8.30 pm

What will happen if God comes alive? And He comes to stay in your house! The show will explore the unique equation between a common man and god in modern settings, while conveying the underlying fact that god dwells within us. Sharma ji’s otherwise normal and mundane routine, becomes Chatpata and humorous with the entry of the young and mischievous Bal Gopal in his life. Sharmaji and Bal Gopal’s chemistry is recreated on the lines of the Arjun-Krishna duo from the Mahabharat where Bal Gopal helps him solve issues of everyday life making it for a comical and engrossing watch.

Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal

Monday- Friday – 9.00 pm

The well known folklore characters, Akbar and Birbal have been extremely popular with the kids for their combined wit and wisdom. The show is a fresh, comic take on the relation between Emperor Akbar and his seventh jewel Birbal that not only makes one laugh but also teaches valuable lessons. The first in the genre of Historical Comedy, Akbar Birbal has captured the audience’s imagination with its delightful storyline and stellar cast.